Rosanna Spence

Yes Boy Co-founder / Editor / Writer

Rosanna left her south-east London roots six years ago to study literature and creative writing at Kent Uni in Canterbury. Last year the city finally pulled her back and she realised her dream of studying journalism and is now features editor on Casual Dining Magazine.

She loves animals, still wants to travel the world, and can usually be found at gigs in Brixton having a stomp in front of the speakers (rum is compulsory).

In ten years' Rosanna will be sitting in the wild-flower field by her country cabin - with her ten rescue dogs, goat and donkey - writing that novel...

Casual Dining Magazine - Features Editor (Co-founder)

Curious Animal Magazine (Contributor) (Contributor)

Business Traveller Magazine (Contributor)

Kentish Gazette (Reporter) (Contributor) (Web-copy writer)

Skepsi Journal (Peer-reviewer)