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As much as we like to be positive at YesBoy HQ, we can’t help but notice a few discrepancies out there in the big wild world that we feel must be presented to our lovely readers. Whether it’s from a current event or even a first-hand experience that people deal with at least once in their lives, YesBoy is turning NoBoy and laying these ordeals clearly for all to see. Check back every fortnight for another roundup of naughty-natured goings on that you may not have noticed.

1. The Voice (BBC1) – replacing The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue with an equally as disappointing front man from a ‘successful’ band and an Ozzy Jessie J a.k.a Kylie Minogue trying to push her new album through the tills, the talent show needs to stop.

2. Madonna – the ageing 80s pop queen has hit the news after tweeting a picture of her son with hashtag that “contained a variation of the n word”. Before asking those that cared to forgive her, she described those that saw controversy in the Twitter post as “haters”. The post depicted her only white son and not her two adopted sons from Malawi. Haters gon’ hate.

3. The 35-year-old man who shared a wanted photo of himself on Facebook while making fun of the police for not being able to do their job and find him. Police arrested him two hours later. Definite thumbs up.

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