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Valentine's Day

Rosanna's View

Ever since someone told me that the modern Valentines Day we celebrate now was invented by the Hallmark card company to generate more revenue for them post-Christmas I have been suspicious of the entire thing. 

I don't even know if that's right, but if there's any truth to it at all then it makes me want to avoid it altogether.

Please don't think I'm an embittered singleton who hates any signs of human to human affection. Of course I think it's amazing that we take the opportunity to tell those who are closest to us just how much they mean, or even get the confidence to strike up a new romance on that day whereas before it may have seemed random and out of the blue...

For me, romance and special moments in a relationship come when I least expect it, and they certainly don't take the form of a teddy holding a heart or a box of chocolates. Relationships shouldn't stabilise themselves on prescribed moments of love: be truly spontaneous and do something that surprises yourself, let alone your partner.

Remember, the 'offers' and 'treats' advertised are just money-makers for companies. I'm not a complete system-basher...I just think there's another way.


Sophia's View

Rosanna is an exception to the rule; in my opinion most girls who hate valentines day tend to be single and bitter, then low and behold as soon as they have someone to share valentines day with, my newsfeed is rammed with sickening declarations of love and pictures of flowers to go with them.

I love valentines day - I think it's a great excuse to celebrate your relationship with someone, however I'm perfectly fine with it when I'm single too. I just sit at home sobbing over a tub of Ben & Jerry's...

I do feel sorry for guys, especially those in a new relationship as there's a lot of pressure on them. Although I think girls should make an effort too, aren't we striving for equality in this modern day and age?

I have to admit, if my boyfriend didn't do anything more than give me a card for valentines day, I would probably hit the roof, but I don't have to worry because I can tell he's scared of me and will do anything to avoid my wrath. S'all good. 

Here are my three necessities for those men out there who are feeling a bit clueless about valentine's day:

1 - Get her a card - It's really not that hard guys.

2 - ALWAYS buy flowers - There's just no excuse for no flowers. It's so easy!

3 - Treat her to dinner - You don't have to go to great lengths here: Either cook her a candlelit meal at home or if you're feeling generous, take her out to a fancy restaurant. Although if you haven't booked anywhere by now... It probably ain't happening.

Roses or not; flowers are essential!

Roses or not; flowers are essential!

That's it, that's all you need to do! No presents or cringeworthy mixtapes or any of that sort needed. That age old saying applies here: Its the thought that counts.

DISCLAIMER: Remember this is just my point of view. If you have an ultra high-maintenance girlfriend then I cant help you. Maybe you do have to take her to Paris, give her diamonds and serenade her with a specially written poem. 

Good luck and happy valentine's day!


Sam's View

As of 2014, I believe humanity can safely say without any hesitation that February 14th is all about the girl. There may be a few stragglers out there who believe it goes both ways but it’s definitely tailored to the soppy someone in the relationship (which is the girl more often than not). Most will argue that passion and romance should be the foundation of every relationship and should not be hidden away in a little box only to see the light on a dreary day in February, and we at YesBoy totally agree. But there’s no harm in having just a little something for your loved one. You know them the best so get them something nice so at the very least, they big you up to their friends and family which is always a plus.

Many disagree with the roof shattering prices of a few flowers and a box of chocolates but the trick is to go beyond the cliché and really dig deep to think of something original. This can often lead to some stress induced head aches and nail biting decisions but it will all be worth it in the end and everyone can have a good night.

Despite its criticisms, Valentines day boasts a perfect opportunity to show a little affection towards that special someone in your life which should never really be taken for granted.

Just a little pointer for the men out there: exactly one month on from Cupids conundrums is a day that all men cherish so perform well in February and get your meat and treat in March. 


John's View

If I didn’t know any better, I’d be taking this whole Valentine’s Day thing personally by now. When this day of unbridled romance and conquest rolls around every year, my girlfriends are nowhere to be found. Well, that’s not strictly true. If I hop on a plane, travel to the other side of the globe, take a bus, a few cabs, and hike along a particularly unforgiving stretch of highway (think Jeepers Creepers), I could be with them. Cupid, the wee cockblocker that he is, uses his bow to fire my girlfriends over to different continents before Valentine’s Day rolls around, rather than his more traditional heart-barbed arrows.



I ain’t even mad though. Yes, long distance relationships can be rough at the best of times, but missing Valentine’s Day with the person you love doesn’t have to turn into a tragedy. The wonderful thing about this day is that there’s nothing you can do on it that can’t be done any other time of the year. Well, unless you’re a sucker for those ‘horny devil’ toys that they wedge at the end of the ‘International Foods’ isle in Sainsbury’s of course.


 Don’t get me wrong; a good romantic plan for Valentine’s Day can be a knockout. For me, because of the long distance hurdle, I’ve learned to improvise and take what I can, when I can. This bled over into Valentine’s Day last year, when, wonder of wonders, I actually got to spend it with my girlfriend. Cue us staying in a lush hotel for the night, but me having to leave 6 hours after we checked in because of friggin’ work. 

Crying Dawson.jpg

I can understand why Valentine’s Day pisses so many people off. Aside from the forced jollity and commercialism, it can act as a sobering and extremely public reminder of being alone. I just try to take this highlighted solitude to act as a reminder that the person I’m being alone for is worth it, and how I’m going to feel when I see them again.


Little cheesy, but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Aye Boy