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#justsayyes - Week 1

This section is dedicated to those that don’t often see an opportunity when it’s presented in a full flame of glory right in front of them. To the wannabe cheeky risk takers out there that think that all they need is a nice little push, or a list if you will, to give them the motivation they need to add a little spice to their life. Not too much spice however, we at Yes Boy do not want to be responsible for someone jumping into the Gorilla pen at the zoo with the hopes of a killer selfie. We’re going for a medium kind of spice; if it were a bottle it would only have two little chillies on the label.

Each week there’ll be a new set of opportunities that we should all say ‘Yes’ to eventually in our lives and it will be up to our lovely readers to decide whether they should do them (which they should). Check back each week even if it’s to imagine yourself saying ‘Yes’ and to have a little fun.


This week you should say ‘Yes’ to:

1. Taking the bus if you’re travelling around London at night – you’ll see a lot more, but most of all you can sit at the front (which is an absolute dream).

2. All the free stuff around London like the Evening Standard which is usually thrown at your face when you walk past – if nothing else, there’s a Sudoku in the back to keep the old noggin’ ticking.

3. Sticking with your gym membership beyond the depressing month of January – summer’s coming and the babes will be out (thank Yes Boy in September after all the sex you’ve had).

4. Taking a picture for someone on their phone – the trick is to just flip the camera and take a cheeky selfie (note: leave area with haste).

5. A lunch / dinner with an old Uni friend – a shot of graduate nostalgia to the system always gets the juice flowing.

6. Liking Yes Boy’s Facebook page and following us on Twitter (see what we did there?) - don’t think about it, just say ‘Yes’.


Tune in next week for more.

Yes Boy Team.

#justsayyes: Mix Your Senses