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Nordic Giants Coming in February

Nordic Giants Coming in February

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After the release of their double EP 'Build Seas / Dismantle Suns' late last year, the Nordic Giants have been away for a couple of months, leaving fans wondering what's coming next. 

It's a rare thing that a band can provoke genuine wonder about their future appearances as this mysterious post-rock duo can. Famed for their visually arresting stage presence and assaulting sound, their previous tours have transformed London churches into mist-filled dens of flickering lights and thunderous drums, and even introduced orchestras into the mix.


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Trying to describe a Nordic Giants show is pointless - it has to be seen. And this isn't just a gushing statement to the duo's skill or personas - a huge portion of the spectacle is their selection of short films that their music narrates. It really is a case of just having to stand there and take it all in.


Nordic Giants short film.jpg


Tour dates already announced are below, with a special London show planned for the beginning of May. 

More details can be found on their site by clicking here.


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Trust us, this is a band that needs to be seen live. Standing in the crowd at a Nordic Giants performance feels like you're watching something truly special happening in front of you.

This video, shot at their St. Pancras Old Church date last year, is a perfect example of what you can expect.


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