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London's Garden Bridge set to become Reality

London's Garden Bridge set to become Reality

Joanna Lumley's 'floating paradise' over the Thames has won the backing of the government, who have pledged £30 million to aid its construction which should be completed by 2017.

It may look like something out of a post-apocalyptic film (think I Am Legend, Elysium), but the Malaysian-inspired garden bridge will put London at the forefront of the race for world capitals to go 'green'.

"This garden will be sensational in every way; a place with no noise or traffic where the only sounds will be birdsong and bees buzzing and the wind in the trees and below the steady rush of water," said Ms Lumley at the launch back in Nov 2013.

"It will also be a safe and swift way for the weary commuter to make his way back over the Thames.

"There will be grasses, trees, wild flowers and plants unique to London's natural riverside habitat. It will bring to Londoners and visitors alike peace and beauty and magic."

The bridge will be designed by Thomas Heatherwick, the same guy who stunned millions of people with his 2012 Olympic cauldron, and will provide a fresh route over London's murky waters from Temple to South Bank.

Fingers crossed the project organisers - due to begin construction in 2015 - will confirm the remaining £120 million needed for completion can be secured.


London is self-consciously becoming a greener city to live in. We may have copious amounts of green spaces already (tourists are constantly bewildered by the amount of wildlife in St James's park), but the efforts are never finished.

One way to improve London's leaf-capacity is to introduce 'Living Walls' to city-centre buildings.

Here's one such project:


Standing at 350 square metres with over 10,000 ferns, herbaceous plants and 16 tons of soil, Ruben at the Palace Hotel in Victoria is home to London's largest living wall.


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