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Sim Garoto! We've gone all Brazilian...

The world's largest street party is almost upon us: Brazil's Carnival hits the pavements of south America at the end of February and we can't wait.

We are lucky enough to have our very own Brazilian sweet heart, Carolina, who will be covering every sequin, costume, music and all-night party for MSN Brazil.

Carolina shared a little gem of Brazilian culture with Yes Boy to get us in the carnival spirit, and we wanted to bring it straight to you (we love and live to learn so keep reading!...)

"Samba probably is the biggest mark of Brazilian culture. More than just a musical genre, samba is part of many lives, who find love for it in the middle of dance and swing; it's a way to keep strong and have some fun.

A symbol of the Brazilian identity, samba started its history in 19th century, during the time of African slavery in the country. During the free times – if we can say that they have some – they used to play whatever was making good noise and sing about life, loves and a possible freedom.

Times passed by and samba went across the ages, across the history, but never lost its original identity.

If you want to dance “like there is no tomorrow”, to feel happy and forget all your problems and nightmares, just go to one of the thousand Rodas de Samba around Brazil. I’m sure that, even for just a few hours, you can be the happiest person in the world.

And no matter if you are rich or poor, Brazilian or English. There is no rule to samba. Just feel the music, shake your body, keep your mind open and (why not?) enjoy it!"

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Special thanks to Carolina Marques Paino Pain


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